This page contains links to, and items of interest regarding recreation opportunities in Lawrence Township.

Canal Lands Park Adoption

The Tuscarawas County Park Department recognizes the need and desirability of litter-free, brush-free and visually improved Canal Lands. An adoption program has been established for community civic organizations as well as private businesses and industry to contribute toward the effort of maintaining cleaner and more beautiful Canal Lands.

If you and your organization is interested in this program, you can click below for a pdf of the form. Also visit for more information on Tuscarawas County parks.

Get the form here: Canal Land Adoption Agreement

River Community Park – Wilkshire Boulevard Trail Project

Now Complete!Click here for photosLawrence Twp River Community Park Trail

The Tuscarawas County Trail and Green Space Plan will eventually encompass 25 trail and greenspace projects, 87 miles of hiking and biking trails, 482 acres of green space, and 148 miles of scenic roadways throughout the nine watershed communities in Tuscarawas County. Lawrence Township proposed the River Community Park – Wilkshire Boulevard Trail as a major component of this Plan.

approximate path of the proposed River Community Park - Wilkshire Blvd. TrailAlready in place at River Community Park are basketball courts, which are used often during spring, summer and fall months. The Trail portion of the River Community Park project consists of approximately 11,380 feet of an asphalt concrete multi-purpose trail 10 feet in width for hiking and biking. Beginning with a half mile long circular trail near the basketball courts, it surrounds the park, with a link to the Ohio Erie Canal Trail going underneath SR 212 at the Tuscarawas River. The rest of the trail runs from the river parallel to Wilkshire Boulevard, culminating at Hess Mill Road; in essence tying Bolivar, Wilkshire Hills and Zoar together via one trail.

Players on the Lawrence Twp basketball courtIn addition to the trail on the northeast side of Wilkshire Blvd., there is a 400′ long parking area between the intersection of Bimeler Street and Tuscarawas County Metropolitan Sewer District. This gravel parking area serves both users of the trail and future public athletic fields across Wilkshire Boulevard.

The total round trip on this trail, including the current Fort Laurens Trail will be 8-9 miles. Projected cost for the project is $656,417.00. No general fund monies of Lawrence Township will be used. Funding will come from grants the Township is currently seeking from ODOT Transportation Alternative Program, ODNR NatureWorks/Land and Water Conservation Fund/Recreation Trail Program, and money already allocated to the project from funding sources, including the Community Benefit Fund.

Click on the map for a larger version of the path of the Trail.