Lawrence Twp River Community Park Trail

Work is now complete on the River Community Park – Wilkshire Boulevard Trail!

See below for photos of the work as it progressed from start to finish: August through November, 2019

NOVEMBER, 2019 – Completion!

A ribbon cutting ceremony was held on Nov. 1, 2019 to celebrate the completion of the Lawrence Township River Community Park Trail. There are now three new parking areas which include handicap spaces and bike racks. New grass has taken hold all along the over two mile stretch of asphalt trail, with benches spaced strategically. The Lawrence Township trustees invite everyone to take advantage of the trail with a hike or bike ride along the river!

OCTOBER 21, 2019

Benches are installed, grass grows beneath straw, and notification signs are posted. Concrete barriers have been placed in the parking area near the water treatment plant.

Already people and pets have been enjoying the new trail!

OCTOBER 6, 2019

Edge markers have been placed, with some concrete pads for benches laid. Most barriers are down except for areas where you could turn your ankle. People have been enjoying the trail already – although not on this rainy day. The only entity I saw taking advantage of the new asphalt was a gaggle of geese!


Asphalt has been laid, with cuts at street edges still to be filled. The gravel base for parking near the sewer department has been smoothed. Ongoing work includes scraping back the mounds of dirt that were made when the trail was dug.


As of the middle of September, most of the trail has been dug out and rolled.